Medenine: Day on investment projects for Tunisian expats

The «Société de Développement et d’Exploitation du Parc d’Activités Economiques» in Zarzis held Thursday, a day on investment projects in the governorate of Medenine for Tunisian expats, to publicize the financial and tax benefits available to this group and to encourage them to invest in their region.

The initiative is part of efforts to encourage Tunisians living abroad, numbering one and a half million people, to invest in Tunisia, given their economic weight estimated at 30% of the country’s foreign exchange inflows in the form of remittances.

“Their investments are still limited,” said Director General of the Company Chaouki Friaa.

He added that such meetings are an opportunity to establish links with members of the Tunisian diaspora, adding that this “fruitful and positive” meeting has resulted in four investment intentions in the region.

Participants in this day suggested the creation of a network among members of the Tunisian community abroad from Zarzis in order to boost development in the region.

In this regard, Mohamed Karim Kafi, a professor at the University of Paris, said the decline in investment by Tunisians living abroad in their country is related, in particular, to the cumbersome administrative procedures.

Source: Tap News Agency