Medical tourism: Tunisia would gain from expanding offer (roundtable)

(TAP)- Tunisia, leader in medical tourism in the African continent, would gain from expanding its offer, said Director-General at the Ministry of Health Nadia Fenina.


Medical tourism is a real economic engine and an export niche, the official Friday said at a round-table meeting organised in Gammarth, Tunis northern suburbs, by the Tunisian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the theme ” Medical Tourism and Wellbeing.”


Tunisia has the necessary infrastructure/network to network health professionals, an advanced pharmaceutical industry and a solid health training system to be a regional and international hub for medical tourism.


The World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy declared Djerba Mediterranean capital of thalassotherapy in 2014, she added.


Tunisia has also spa water reserves which make of it a privileged site of hydrotherapy.


President of the National Chamber of Healthcare Enterprises Ghazi Majbri said roughly 500 beds are presently made available.


Ageing populations in Tunisia and in rich countries (over 1 billion seniors currently, including more than 1/4 in Europe and 1.25 million in France) is one factor conducive to the growth of the sector in Tunisia.


Senior tourism is a real opportunity for Tunisia in an ageing world population where life expectancy is increasing, said physiatrist Imene Miri.


Source: TAP News Agency