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Medicines: towards creation of single price committee

The setting up of a consensual committee to set prices for medicines in Tunisia was at the centre of a workshop held Thursday at the exporter’s house in Tunis.

The meeting was attended, in particular, by the Ministers of Health and Trade and Industry, the CEO of the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) and representatives of the relevant professional bodies.

The committee will bring together all stakeholders in the field of medicines and health insurance, in line with the dialogue between the public and private sectors relating to the pharmaceutical industry and the manufacture of medicines.

Health Minister Samira MeraA� said Tunisia has an advanced drug control system and is among the first manufacturers of medicines in Africa.

On the other hand, she acknowledged the absence of a comprehensive policy for this sector and a lack of co-ordination between the committees responsible for drug pricing “which has given way to the emergence of several major problems”.

A single committee could encourage the pharmaceutical industry and export, according to a participatory approach that brings together all the parties concerned, she argued.

Trade and Industry Minister Zied Laadhari said the drug sector is a promising sector, with a 164% increase over the past five years.

“The pharmaceutical industry has managed to cover half of the country’s need for medicines and to develop and export medicines to markets that are difficult to access, such as the European market which absorbs a large part of our exports, he explained.

He added that “the pharmaceutical industry employs nearly 40% of higher education graduates and brings an added value to our economy of 39%.”

CEO of CNAM, Bechir Yarmani, for his part, affirmed that the spending of the CNAM in terms of reimbursement of expenses are in the order of 700 million dinars, of which 45% allocated to the handling of special cases and cancer treatments.

Source: TAP news Agency

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