Meeting in Tunis around “Tfanen- Tunisie Creative” programme

The guidelines, objectives and implementation of the programme to support the strengthening of the Tunisian cultural sector, called “Tfanen – Tunisie Creative”, carried out under the Local Cultural Commitment Fund in Tunisia, were unveiled on Monday The Medina of Tunis, in the presence of the various European partners as well as some players in Tunisia’s cultural scene and potential beneficiaries.

A similar meeting took place last February 15 players in the cultural scene, civil society and state bodies in Bizerte, Medenine, Gafsa and El Kef.

Funded by the European Union in partnership with the EUNIC network (European Union National Institutes for Culture) and implemented by the British Council, the programme is part of the programme of support to the cultural sector in Tunisia (PACT) of the European Union (EU), in partnership with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

These meetings are organized following a first call for proposals launched on February 8, 2017 to finance some twenty cultural projects.

This first call for proposals will be closed on May 10, 2017, while the final list of selected projects will be announced on June 10. It will have a total budget of Euros 6 million for a period of 3 years (February 2017-May 2019). Funds of Euros 20,000 to 50,000 will be allocated for each selected project.

Any association legally created and established in Tunisia or artists or activists may apply for this programme. The programme also targets Tunisian or international cultural partners belonging to civil society organisations, public institutions and private sector companies.

All the necessary information on how to apply are available on the British Council Tunisia website:

“Tfanen is aimed at all cultural sectors including dramatic arts, books and publishing, plastic arts, scenic arts, music, tangible and intangible heritage, new forms of artistic expression, cinema, audiovisual and Cultural Tourism, with special emphasis on projects with added value in the field of decentralization and benefiting young people and women.

Tfanen aims to support the redefinition of cultural policy and the restructuring of the cultural sector and will be carried out in co-ordination with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

The first axis will be implemented, in particular through an institutional twinning contract between the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Ministries of Culture of the EU Member States, while the second axis will be implemented in partnership by the British Council In collaboration with the EUNIC network.

The main objectives set out for this programme are to promote Tunisian cultural diversity and access to culture, to support freedom of expression and creation and to encourage the professionalisation of cultural trades.

In order to achieve the above objectives and in line with the EU support policy for the development of civil society and the cultural sector in Tunisia, beneficiaries of the selected projects will receive material grants in addition to technical assistance and coaching for the realisation of their projects.

The “Local Cultural Commitment Fund in Tunisia” is one of the three grant funds of “Tfanen-Tunisie Creative”, which is aimed at all the cultural sectors mentioned above.

A budgetary envelope of Euros 2.4 M Euros (5.8 MTD) will be allocated over the duration of the project. It will be broken down into the three funds with different but complementary objectives, which will be awarded to Tunisian cultural actors selected following several calls for projects.

Source: TAP News Agency