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Meeting in Tunis on establishment of job-loss insurance scheme

Social Affairs Minister Mohamed Trabelsi said, on Wednesday, the budget that has been set aside by the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) for early retirement since its establishment in 1982, amounts to 3,300 million dinars, which, according to him, has increased the fund’s expenses.

Speaking at the opening of a two-day workshop in Tunis on the theme “establishment of job-loss insurance scheme, the minister said 26% of pensions are paid to dismissed persons.

In this regard, he pointed out that the sum of the subsidies granted by the fund to this category has, since their establishment in 2000, amounted to 100 million dinars, excluding health insurance, the allocation of which amounts to 200 dinars during one year the time of the reinstatement of the dismissed workers in a new regime.

The early retirement of persons laid off for economic reasons has not been accompanied by effective socio-professional assistance, hence the need, according to him, to find a new regime that separates social security and social solidarity in order to ensure better support for people who have lost their jobs and to reintegrate them into the economic circuit as part of job-loss insurance scheme that will be financed by the State, employers and employees in accordance with to the social contract signed in 2013.

He called for broadening the debate on this issue in order to draft a document by the end of the year with a view to drafting a law on the establishment of this fund, with a focus on the need to define standards in harmony with international conventions to put an end to the controversy over trade union representativeness, be it national, regional, local or at business level.

For his part, director general of labour inspection and reconciliation, Foued Ben Abdallah said that 4,438 people were laid off in 2016, of whom only 2,889 meet the conditions of early retirement which means that 43 % of dismissals are illegal.

Mohamed Ali Deyahi, Director of the ILO Office for Maghreb countries said the establishment of the fund is an integral part of the new model of industrial relations and decent work under the social contract and the national decent work programme concluded between the organisation, the Tunisian government and the social partners in July 2017.

The establishment of this fund is part of a comprehensive revision of the social protection system and in accordance with the provisions of the third chapter of the social contract on “industrial relations and decent work”.

It will benefit employees laid off for economic or technical reasons or those who have lost their jobs for reasons beyond their control as a result of a sudden and permanent closure of the company.

Participants in this meeting, organised in partnership with the ILO, will discuss issues related to the creation of this fund, including its prerogatives and objectives, and will learn about comparative experiences in order to draw inspiration from them.

Source: TAP news Agency

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