Mehdi Abdeljaoued, executive bureau member of Machrou Tounes resigns from party | Tunisia News Gazette

Mehdi Abdeljaoued, executive bureau member of Machrou Tounes resigns from party

Mehdi Abdeljaoued, member of the executive bureau of the Machrou Tounes Movement (Tunisia Project) on Thursday submitted his resignation from the party.

In a statement to the TAP, Mehdi Abdeljaoued explained the resignation by the continuation of practices for which, he had previously left the Nidaa Tounes Movement, including “the crisis in the party leadership of the party and the party’s deviation from its stated goals”, he pointed out.

He added that the party was unable to achieve its objectives and was not well received by the public opinion because, according to him, of a “failure” at the level of management, lack of good Organisational management and the inability to conduct a serious dialogue with the elite, intellectuals and all those who can bring added value.

He said the party suffers from a lack of clarity in leadership positions and political decision-making as well as a non-serious attitude towards party activists.

In the text of the resignation, Mehdi Abdeljaoued writes that the Machrou Tounes Movement no longer represents “the adequate space for defending the national project for which it was created” and “no longer represents the same weight in the regions and with all Tunisians”.

Source: TAP News Agency

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