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Mehdi Jomaa announces official launch of “Al Badil Attounsi” party

Former Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa announced on Thursday the official launch of the “Al Badil Attounsi” party (Tunisian alternative).

“We have filed an official application this morning,” he told a press conference in Tunis.

According to Jomaa, “Al-Badil Attounsi” presents itself as a centrist, realistic and democratic party. It aims to set up concrete public policies and prepare youths for political skills, he explained.

“The structuring of the party has not yet been defined and the distribution of responsibilities will be by way of elections,” he added.

“Our party intends to appear at all future electoral events,” he said.

“Al-Badil, unlike other parties seeking to acquire an electoral base, wants to benefit from a broad popular base,” Jomaa specified, pointing out that the party does not intend, at present, to join or form coalitions with other political parties.

According to him, the sources of funding for this party are mainly internal. “We do not accept external funding without the sources adopting the vision of our party,” he said.

The party is composed of former members of the government of technocrats (the 6th government after the January 14, 2011 Revolution).

The party’s founding members are Mohamed Amine Nahali, Emna Kallel, Louay Chebbi, Neila Chaabane, Ridha Abdelahafidh, Mounir Tellili, Hedi Belarbi, Sana Ghenima , Aziz Majoul, Emna Krichen, Mohamed Ali Toumi , Taoufik Jelassi, Lotfi Seibi and Nidhal Ouerfelli.

Source: TAP news Agency

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