Men’s Africa Handball Clubs Championship/Day 3: Results and rankings

Here follow the results of day-3 games of the 43rd Men’s Africa Clubs Championship (September 30-October 9 in Hammamet and Nabeul), played on Sunday.



Espérance de Tunis (Tun) – Flowers (Ben)      39-19

Al Ahly (Egy) – ES Ain Touta (Alg)                 36-17

JS Kinshassa (RD Congo) exempted


Group B:

Hammamet :

  1. Africain (Tun) – Red Star (Cote d’Ivoir) 33-26

Zamalek (Egy) – MC Alger (Alg)      34-25

FAP (Cameroon) exempted


Source: Tap News Agency