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Ministries of Social Affairs and Health, CNI sign framework agreement on intangible data exchange

The Ministries of Social Affairs and Health and the National Center for Informatics signed on Monday a framework agreement on intangible data exchange.


This agreement, which is part of the national project of data exchange between government agencies, aims at digitally sharing data produced by the ministries as well as by structures under their supervision, in accordance with the legal texts in force, particularly with regard to the protection of personal data and the confidentiality of the exchange of these data.


Minister of Social Affairs, Malek Ezzahi, said the main objective of this agreement is to improve services rendered to members and structures of the ministry and to reduce the burden on customers by exempting them from providing data or documents accessible to different stakeholders or also accessible via the interconnection platform while preserving personal data and their confidentiality.


Ezzahi reviewed the different projects and programmes that the Ministry of Social Affairs is currently working on in order to digitalise its different services and interventions. The Ministry wishes to complete the implementation of the system of support for the professional life of the members of the National Fund for Retirement and Social Security and the generalisation of the use of the “Labes” card, in addition to developing the system of declaration of wages and payment of contributions to the National Social Security Fund.


For his part, Minister of Health confirmed that the experiment had begun with the use of the “Labes” card, stressing that 92 health facilities were involved in this project, which allowed for more than 6 million data exchange operations between these facilities and the National Health Insurance Fund.


Minister of Communication Technologies, Nizar Ben Naji, stressed the importance of this agreement which aims to simplify procedures, reduce delays and digitize services for the benefit of citizens. He also affirmed the horizontal role played by the Ministry of Communication Technologies in promoting and supporting digital transformation for various vital sectors.


Source: Tap News Agency