Ministry of Economy to hold meetings ahead of completion of 3rd phase of Development Plan 2023/2025

The Ministry of Economy and Planning will, on Friday, start holding meetings in all governorates, as part of the completion of the third phase of the Development Plan 2023/2025, it said on a statement Thursday.

These meetings, which will continue for five weeks, will be an opportunity to discuss policies and development programmes as well as regional and sectoral strategic directions mentioned in the reports of the committees whose work began last February, in a participatory way, including all stakeholders in the development sector.

The aim is to study the main guidelines and policies to make a qualitative change in the development sector on the national and regional levels and in the medium and long terms, according to the same source.

These policies should adapt to changes and current challenges and implement a new model based on better tapping resources and specificities of each region, to ensure a new economic dynamic and integrated and sustainable development, as part of the strategy “Tunisia 2035”, reads the statement.

These meetings will also expose and discuss suggestions and proposals for sectoral and regional projects and study them according to priority, objectives and feasibility.

Source: Tap News Agency