“Ministry of Education is ready to ensure proper conduct of baccalaureate exams” (Slaouti)

Some 146,129 candidates from all disciplines will start the 2021 baccalaureate exams on Wednesday, June 16, ensuring the respect of exceptional health measures, said Education Minister Fethi Slaouti, adding that the results of the main session are scheduled for July 4.
The minister stressed Monday at a press conference on the preparation of the baccalaureate (2021 session) that the number of candidates for this exam is one of the highest recorded since 2008 (165 thousand).
He said that the Ministry of Education is closely monitoring, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, the evolution of the epidemic situation in the country and has provided the means of protection to educational staff and students in all examination centres, adding that as part of the exceptional measures adopted to prevent the coronavirus, the number of candidates in each room will not exceed 15 students.
The Minister of Education called on the parents of baccalaureate candidates to warn their children against attempts to cheat, use of electronic equipment or mobile phones, saying that the Ministry of Education will impose this year and for the first time new sanctions against offenders.
Slaouti said that the examination subjects will only be based on the programmes that have been reduced during the current school year, adding that these programmes have been completed since May 16.
For his part, the Director-General of examinations said that the 2021 baccalaureate session has recorded an additional number of 12 thousand candidates compared to the 2020 session.
“Most of the candidates for the baccalaureate have taken this national exam for the first time, either in public schools or individually,” he said, adding that many of them belong to the economics and management section, followed by the experimental sciences, literature and technical sciences and sports sections.
The number of female candidates exceeds that of males, whose numbers are visibly high in the technical sciences, computer sciences and sports.
“Special arrangements will be made for candidates with special needs, including 27 candidates with mild disabilities and 61 blind candidates who will take the baccalaureate test using the Braille method,” added the director of examinations.
The written tests of the baccalaureate will take place on June 16, 17, 18 and 21, 22, 23 2021.

Source: TAP News Agency