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Ministry of Higher Education sets strategy for integration into African market

A strategy for integration into the African market through the export of Tunisian skills among teachers to train trainers was set by the Ministry of Higher Education, announced Noureddine Selmi, Chief of Staff to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in a statement to TAP, at the Tunisian-Guinean Economic Forum held on Tuesday in Conakry.

The ministry is also seeking to attract students from African countries, especially with the upcoming establishment of the German university in Tunisia, he said.

The ministry’s official stressed the importance of attracting students from African countries, given the ongoing decline in the number of Tunisian students who will reach 240 thousand in 2018, against 300 thousand in 2016 and 270 thousand presently.

Faced with this regression, the number of professors is increasing since Tunisia has 20 thousand professor researchers and 207 academic institutions.

He said that Guinea Conakry has only 18 public academic institutions, against 40 private universities, which can be an opportunity for the higher education sector in Tunisia.

Source: TAP News Agency

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