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Ministry of Local Affairs and INLCC fight against corruption

An agreement was signed Thursday by the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment and the National Anti-Corruption Authority (INLCC), which stipulated the choice of one of the companies placed under the supervision of the Ministry as a company with best management and management practices in line with the principles of transparency.

The signing of this agreement is part of the accession of the Ministry of Local Affairs to the national charter for the implementation of the National Strategy of Good Governance and Fight against Corruption.

On this occasion, Minister of Local Affairs, Riadh Mouakhar, considered that the INLCC is able to support the efforts of his department to face up corruption.

He also noted that the Ministry’s General Inspectorate has further strengthened the inspection and inspection missions, which has led to the identification of several infringements and, as a result, a number of cases have been referred to the courts .

For his part, INLCC president Chawki Tebib said that the agreement has three main components: investigation of corruption cases (this applies to corporations but also to persons suspected of corruption), integrity and ultimately the reform operation, which can only be achieved through a participatory approach.

Under this agreement, a joint working team will be established to ensure the implementation of the agreed programme by mobilising the necessary financial and human resources.

The organisation of study days on the administrative work system within the ministry and the sectors under its supervision is also planned in order to study the possibilities for its rationalisation and propose the appropriate reforms.

The agreement also stipulates that it is essential to organise meetings and launch awareness-raising campaigns in order to entrench the principles of good governance and the fight against corruption, as well as the popularisation of the culture of integrity and transparency, in the various government departments.

Source: TAP News Agency

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