Ministry of women set to announce funding for new batch of women’s projects

Minister of Family, Women, Children and Elderly Affairs Amel Belhaj Moussa said her department is set to announce the financing of a new batch of women’s projects worth 300,000 dinars per project, through the financing line «Raidet value chains.»

The Minister called on donors, as she took part in the launch of a project structuring economic and environmental services for female farmers, to increase their financial and technical contribution to women’s projects, so as to consolidate the role of Tunisian women in economic development and job creation.

«Tunisian women play a leading role in developing the agricultural sector since three-quarters of students in agricultural institutes are women and 75% of workers in the agricultural sector are women and girls,» she added.

Women represent only 6% of the heads of agricultural projects; «this encouraged the ministry to launch a specific funding line «Raidet agricultural,» which has benefited from 10% of funding agreements under the national programme Raidet for women aged between 25 and 40 years, she noted.

This inaugural conference was attended by Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries Mahmoud Elyes Hamza, Minister of Environment Leila Chikhaoui, the Canadian ambassador in Tunis, the secretary general of the Union of Agricultural Producers in Quebec, and the president of the Farmers’ Union for North Africa.

Source: Tap News Agency