Monastir: new equipment at Habib-Bourguiba airport to take precaution against terrorism (Minister of Transport) | Tunisia News Gazette

Monastir: new equipment at Habib-Bourguiba airport to take precaution against terrorism (Minister of Transport)

Monastir Habib-Bourguiba International Airport will be reinforced by new surveillance equipment and explosives detectors, in line with other Tunisian airports, in order to strengthen safety and improve prevention against the dangers of Terrorism that affects all states of the world, said Transport Minister Anis Ghedira in a statement to the press, on the sidelines of a musical show of the Tana Quartet, held Saturday, at the Science Palace in Monastir.

The ministry, he added, is examining the issue of upgrading this airport with the company “TAV” Tunisia.

He added that tenders will be announced over the next few days for the finalisation of the studies for the implementation of the multimodal transport model station project in Monastir, estimated at about 10 million Dinars.

Pending completion of the study on the actual needs of each delegation with regard to irregular transit and the end of the identification of the current authorisations for the irregular transport of persons, the Ministry decided to automatically replace the latter as part of the regional transport consultative commission, Ghedira said.

The Minister underlined that if the concerned parties agree on an increase in the number of authorisations, the Ministry of Transport will respect this regional decision and will grant other authorisations.

In this context, he indicated that the Department of Transport had initiated a study on illegal passenger transportation sector, which would assist the Department in deciding whether to grant these authorisations.

Source: TAP news Agency

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