Monastir: New Mediterranean Centre for Ecological Training

The scientific and environmental infrastructure in the governorate of Monastir has been strengthened by the inauguration of the Mediterranean Centre for Ecological Training in La Falaise (Monastir), with funds worth 700 thousand dinars.

In a statement to TAP, Ahmed Souki, vice-president of the association “Our Big Blue”, initiator of the project, said that this centre will work to share know-how and expertise with associations in Tunisia and North Africa in the field of marine environment protection.

For his part, Governor of Monastir, Mondher Ben Sik told TAP that the centre, built on a plot of land allocated by the governorate, will be a high place for the development of skills in the field of the marine environment and for the dissemination of environmental culture to the public.

The new institution includes a museum of the marine environment, a turtle pool, a space for the care of marine turtles, a multidisciplinary room, administrative offices, an equipment shop and an ecological shop.

Source: Tap News Agency