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More than 300 children, students and engineers attend 9th edition of TUNIROBOTS

More than 300 children, students and engineers are attending Sunday at the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology (INSAT) in Tunis, the 9th edition of TUNIROBOTS on the Tunisian National Day of Robotics.

Engineers and robot amateurs from 7 to 30 years old, showcase their inventions based on innovative technologies.

TUNIROBOTS brings together several players in the field of development and technological innovation in Tunisia. It aims to bring together all the robotics enthusiasts of all ages by allowing young and old people to participate in competitions that are dedicated to them, to deepen their knowledge, to refine and enhance their talents.

On the programme of the day “TUNIROBOTS18”, six competitions alternating between competitions, challenges and exhibitions:

-ALL JAPAN ROBOT SUMO TOURNAMENT: It is an international robotics competition held every year since 1989 in Tokyo, Japan. For this edition, Tunisia will be the first Arab and African country to organise the qualifications for this competition. The winning team will have the opportunity to join the “Grand Final” of this international competition.

-The Tunisian League of Robotics Champions LTCR: It is a national competition dedicated not only to engineers and engineering students, but also to all fans and enthusiasts of robotics who seek to discover and forge their talents. This year’s theme is : The rise of a nation”.

-The CHALLENGE 24H: this competition consists in designing a robot according to a specification unveiled on the day of the competition within 24 hours. It’s a race against the clock to give birth to a functional and complete robot.

-The GADGET CHALLENGE: TechCare: This is to create a prototype of projects, oriented towards the assistance of people with a particular need.

For this edition, the target of the prototypes of proposed gadgets will be people suffering from orthopedic diseases, under the theme TechCare. An incubator will then ensure the incubation of the winning project.

-TUNIROBOTS Junior: For 5 years, this axis offers the opportunity to young people from 7 to 17 years, to get into the field of robotics through its competition under the theme “Harry Potter”, a challenge of 4 hours and the TUNIROBOTS Junior exhibition. This exhibition will give small robotics enthusiasts the opportunity to exploit their gifts and present their own projects based on simple and known techniques.

Training in IOT (Internet of Things) is provided by the TUNIROBOTS Junior team throughout the year in different regions of Tunisia to introduce young people to the world of creation and creativity. More than 200 students benefit each year.

Exhibitions are also scheduled to introduce the general public to the innovations of the year and familiarize as many as possible with the innovative, responsible and targeted use of robotics in everyday life. The theme of this 9th edition of TUNIROBOTS, is “ENTERTAINMENT”, aimed at inventions that can make life easier and more enjoyable.

The Giant Auditorium of INSAT welcomes every year various artistic performances, between dance, music, 3D mapping and cinematography.

TUNIROBOTS was created in 2010, at the initiative of a group of young volunteer students to promote the culture of robotics in Tunisia and around the world.

Source: TAP News Agency

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