Morocco Chairs Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators

In this way, Bardach takes over after Petrit Ahmeti, the President of the Albanian Regulator, for the next two years, says an ANRE press release, noting that the election took place during the 34th General Assembly of MEDREG.


The election of Bardach as President of MEDREG is a recognition of Morocco’s remarkable progress made under the High Guidance of His Majesty the King

Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him, in the energy field and the country’s position as a regional leader in terms of renewable energy, it adds.


Bardach stressed in his acceptance speech that even if the current energy crisis is having adverse effects on the sector, there is actually an opportunity to move decisively towards a successful energy transition considering the huge potential that the Euro-Mediterranean region has in terms of renewable energy resources available to be exploited, for the benefit of, not only Mediterranean countries, but all of European and African countries.


According to the statement, Bardach emphasized, in this regard, the importance of strengthening interconnections between northern, southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean meaning to interconnect Africa and Europe through the Mediterranean basin.


This invitation to consolidate the common resources of the Mediterranean, Africa and Europe, is perfectly in line with the tireless efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of Our Sovereign, May God Glorify Him, to build win-win partnerships within the African continent and between our continent and its eastern and northern neighbors for a world of peace, prosperity and harmony.


The MEDREG Association was created in 2007 and currently has 27 energy regulatory authorities as members from 22 Euro-Mediterranean countries working collectively to promote a progressive energy market integration in the Mediterranean region, notes the same source.


To achieve this objective, MEDREG promotes closer cooperation and exchange of best practices among its members which helps create better conditions to attract the investments needed for a successful energy transition and towards sustainable, efficient energy production, transmission and consumption, while taking into account the consumers’ needs, especially the most vulnerable ones.


MEDREG is also aware of the importance of traditional energy sources and, in particular natural gas, that are expected to play a crucial role in the upcoming years to smoothen the energy transition and avoid energy disruptions like the one the world is currently experiencing, concludes the press release.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse