‘Morocco, Israel and Moroccan Jews’ Book by Jamal Amiar Published

In this essay, Jamal Amiar traces the history of Moroccan-Israeli relations, which have remained “very discreet for six decades”, and analyzes the interactions between the two countries and Moroccan Jews on cultural, political, diplomatic, economic and religious levels.


Divided into 21 parts, the 342-page book highlights how “two states and a Jewish community, Moroccan and Israeli of Moroccan origin, were able to fully seize their assets and manage their cooperation and interests together” over this long period of six decades.


Through this book, the author also offers an overview of the actions of the Kings of Morocco who have always affirmed “the inviolable character of the rights of Moroccan Jews, and participated in the defense and rebirth of Moroccan Jewish culture”.


According to the book, this is an important achievement for Morocco, which has demonstrated its perspicacity on the subject of ethnic and religious minorities in Muslim lands.


The essay refers, moreover, to the action of HM King Mohammed VI, inscribed in this tradition and this heritage, as evidenced by the introduction of a reference to the Hebrew heritage of Morocco in the constitution of 2011.


It also tackles the diplomatic and security ties that Morocco has developed with the United States and Israel over the decades, which resulted in the American recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara in 2020.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse