Morocco Offers Industrial Platform with ‘Strong’ Assets (CGEM)

Casablanca – Morocco is endowed with an industrial platform offering “strong” and “undeniable” assets for both Moroccan and foreign investors, said Thursday executive vice-president of the Moroccan Employers’ Association (CGEM), Mehdi Tazi.

Speaking at a webinar initiated by the British Chamber of Commerce for Morocco (BritCham) under the theme “2022 – Year of real economic recovery?”, Tazi said that the industrial platform of Morocco has a set of assets namely stability (political, economic and monetary), infrastructure, quality of human resources and geographical proximity to Europe.

In the same vein, CEO of Sound Energy, Mohammed Seghiri, questioned on the factors behind the setting up of the British company Sound Energy in Morocco, noted that Morocco is a country that has “an organized, competent administration and knows the rules of governance”.

Seghiri also highlighted the stability enjoyed by the Kingdom on the institutional and social level.

Corporate Director for the South and East Mediterranean (SEMED) at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Adil Chikhi, stressed for his part, that the Moroccan state and operators must seize the opportunity presented by the post-Covid-19 to achieve “better industrial sovereignty”.

“The post-Covid-19 has allowed for very deep reflections on the diversification of the resilience of value chains, on supply networks as well as on an international willingness to depend less on China,” he noted.

Director “Morocco” at the Department of International Trade, Chris Woodward, said that at the beginning of the pandemic, “we saw the challenges that global supply chains were facing and the response of many countries to protect them”.

Thus, one of the priorities, Woodward added, is to “continue the dialogue between bilateral and international partners” in light of the pandemic, through identifying the benefits of trade as a “stimulator of economic growth”.

Established in 1923, the British Chamber of Commerce for Morocco is a non-profit association under Moroccan law with member companies operating in all sectors.



Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse