Morocco Participates in Celebration of 25th Anniversary of Legal Instruments on Nuclear Liability

The Ambassador, Representative of Morocco to the International Organizations in Vienna, Azzeddine Farhane, took part, for this purpose, alongside the Ambassador of the United States Laura S.H. Holgate, and the Ambassador of Japan, Hikihara Takeshi, in the side event chaired by the Director General of the IAEA, Rafael Mariano Grossi, on the celebration of this 25th anniversary, in the presence of several ambassadors, experts and diplomats.


On this occasion, the Moroccan diplomat made a presentation in which he indicated that Morocco is the only African country to have ratified the four international legal instruments relating to nuclear liability negotiated and adopted under the auspices of the IAEA, adding that the Kingdom has implemented, domestically, the relevant provisions contained in the said international instruments, particularly through the enactment of Law No. 12-02 on civil liability for nuclear damage.


Morocco’s ratification of these important legal instruments reflects the Kingdom’s firm commitment to establishing effective and consistent nuclear liability mechanisms at the national and international levels, to ensure prompt, adequate and non-discriminatory compensation for damage caused to persons, property and the environment, he said.


The Ambassador also welcomed the conformity of the provisions of the international conventions on nuclear liability with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea concerning the rules of territorial jurisdiction, in the sense that they have enshrined the principle of the exclusive jurisdiction of coastal States over claims for damages resulting from nuclear accidents occurring in their respective exclusive economic zones.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse