Morocco: Unemployment Rate Falls to 11.2%

Unemployment rate in Morocco fell from 12.8% to 11.2% (-1.6 point) between the second quarters of 2021 and 2022, according to the HCP, which has just published its note on the labor market situation in the second quarter of 2022 (Q2-2022).

The number of the unemployed fell by 218,000 people, from 1,605,000 to 1,387,000 unemployed, which corresponds to a decline of 14%, resulting from a decrease of 182,000 unemployed in urban areas and 36,000 in rural areas.

The sector of services has created 237,000 jobs at the national level (184,000 in urban areas and 53,000 in rural areas), recording a 5% increase in employment in this sector, benefiting from the revival of the national tourism sector, especially with the summer season.

For its part, industry has created 76,000 jobs, while the construction sector has created 30,000 jobs, 16,000 jobs in urban areas and 14,000 in rural areas.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse