Morocco’s Participation in ‘Expo 2020 Dubai ‘ Confirms its commitment to Sustainable Development (Minister)

“This meeting represents an opportunity for the Kingdom of Morocco to work to meet the challenges and reaffirm its commitments to sustainable development,” said Fettah Alaoui in a statement to MAP.

She stressed that through this event, Morocco reaffirms its commitment to the principles of tolerance and dialogue with all civilizations, as well as its contributions to meeting global challenges in various fields.

“Expo 2020 Dubai “, opened Friday, is a platform to highlight the business and investment opportunities offered by the Kingdom, she noted, adding that this is likely to attract the largest number of investments in the industrial, cultural, economic and scientific fields.

The minister said that the Moroccan pavilion at “Expo 2020 Dubai “, which provides for the visit over a period of six months of nearly 25 million people, has been designed as a course comprising 13 rooms, indicating that visitors can wander in search of “surprises”. “These reflect the potential and concrete achievements of Morocco in many sectors, including economy, culture and tourism, as they relate the history and embody the identity of the Kingdom and its vision for the future in terms of sustainable development, “she said.

The Moroccan participation in this world event is also based on an important program in the fields of culture, economy and science, said Fettah Alaoui, recalling in this context the holding of meetings between 10 and 16 October for businessmen and major institutions in the private and public sectors in Morocco to highlight the various achievements of the Kingdom particularly in the areas of renewable energy, water, infrastructure and industry.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse