Movement of Magistrates: "principles and criteria set forth in constitution not respected" (HJC members) | Tunisia News Gazette

Movement of Magistrates: “principles and criteria set forth in constitution not respected” (HJC members)

The members of the High Judicial Council (HJC) of the body of lawyers considered that the principles and criteria set out in the constitution, international conventions and the law governing the HJC were not respected in the 2017-2018 magistrates’ movement.

In a statement released Tuesday, seven members of the HJC criticized the adoption by the general assembly, held November 13, the movement of judges, without obtaining the required majority, “which represents an infringement of the text of the law and omen of a dangerous deviation from the Council process “.

They argued that “vacancies in the courts, especially in the interior regions, have been disregarded, thus derogating from positive discrimination for the interior areas set out in the 2014 Constitution”.

“This deviation from the role of the HJC undermined the rights of judges and could affect in the future the rights of a wide range of judges, which inevitably leads to disruption of the normal course of the courts and will negatively affect the role of the Council” adds the signatories.

They blamed “all those who wanted to disrupt the work of the Council and undermined the independence of the judiciary” and called for “the responsibility of all in defending the independence of the judiciary as a whole moderating power and guarantor of the democratic process “.

The seven members recalled the “unfortunate development within the HJC during the review of appeals on the movement of magistrates 2017-2018 leading to the withdrawal of lawyers from the assembly of November 3 to protest against the non-compliance with criteria in the review of appeals and adoption by the general assembly of the HJC held on November 13 “.

The statement is signed by Ali Ben Mansour, Saida Chebbi, Lamia Mansouri, Asmaa Ben Arbia, Samira Karaouili, Abdelkari Rajah and Yosr Chebbi.

Source: TAP News Agency

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