MPs decide to resubmit motion of no confidence against speaker of frozen ARP Rached Ghannouchi

MP Hatem Mensi said his parliamentary bloc (Reform) in the House of People’s Representatives (ARP), whose activities are frozen, have decided in consultation with the Free Destourian Party (PDL) bloc to resubmit a motion of no confidence against from parliament speaker Rached Ghannouchi “even symbolically.»

Members of the Reform (14 seats) and those of the PDL (16 seats) blocs have signed the motion, pending the signing of MPs from other parliamentary groups.

The motion must collect at least 109 signatures, he told TAP.

For his part, Hichem Ajbouni, leader of the Democratic Current party (Attayar), said the political bureau of his party is considering this new petition.

“After the suspension of parliamentary activity, it is no longer possible to do so within the framework of parliamentary blocs and the issue will be decided by the party’s structures,» he pointed out.


Source: TAP News Agency