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MPs prepare no-confidence motion against speaker Mohamed Ennaceur

MPs are currently making contacts to collect signatures to for no-confidence motion against speaker Mohamed Ennaceur, said Thursday Democratic group MP Ghazi Chaouachi.

“The motion will be filed, once the signatures are collected, at the bureau of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR),” he added in a statement to TAP.

According to Chaouchi, the no-confidence motion was drafted by a group of deputies in accordance with article 51 of the parliament’s rules of procedure which stipulates that two-thirds of the members of parliament may submit a request to remove confidence from the HPR Speaker.

This request must be considered in plenary for adoption with a majority of votes (109).

The non-confidence motion contains 9 points accusing Mohamed Ennaceur of “falsifying debates” at the HPR. For the signatories of the motion, the adoption of the decision of the Truth and Dignity authority Commission concerning the extension of its mandate of activity does not come under the prerogatives of parliament.

“The transitional justice Commission does not need the HPR’s approval to continue its work,” he said, adding that Article 148 of the new constitution has been violated. According to this article, he explained, the State is committed to applying the process of transitional justice in all areas.

Besides, the signatories of the no-confidence motion reported “administrative and financial mismanagement” within parliament, denouncing the appointment of a number of advisers in charge of the HPR budget.

Source: TAP News Agency

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