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Multi-sectoral prospecting mission in Dakar, November 26-29

CONECT International is conducting a multi-sectoral prospecting mission in Dakar, Senegal, (November 26-29) as part of its action plan in Africa.

An important Tunisian economic delegation composed of forty operators representing different business sectors (mechanical and electrical industries, metal industry, agro-food, higher education, health, consulting, infrastructure and construction training, telecommunication and building materials, etc.) are taking part in this prospecting mission organised as part of the Tunisian Economic and Trade Days (November 28-29 in Dakar), the Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT) specifies in a press release.

The mission is organised in partnership with Senegal’s Embassy in Tunis, CEPEX, Tunisia’s Embassy in Dakar and the Tunisian-Senegalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTSCI), Senegal’s National Confederation of Employers (CNES), the Dakar-CCIAD Chamber of Trade, Industry and Agriculture, the Regional Bank of Markets and national carrier company Tunisair.

Meetings with Senegalese senior officials and ministers, with Tunisian businessmen set up in Senegal, a visit to the Diamadio International Industrial Park and a meeting at the the CNES are on the agenda.

The economic forum is due on November 28 in Dakar under the theme For a Tunisian-Senegalese win-win partnership, with attendance of CONECT President Tarek Cherif, CNES President Mansour Cama, and CCIAD Acting President Daouda Thiam.

The forum will offer the opportunity to present the banking monitoring mechanism, taxation and investment opportunities in Senegal and to develop future prospects of the Tunisian-Senegalese co-operation.

Networking sessions and B2B meetings between Tunisian and Senegalese businessmen are also scheduled. The second day will be devoted to meetings with several Senegalese seniot officials and door-to-door visits to enterprises and factories.

As regards trade exchanges between Tunisia and Senegal, the trade balance is in favour of Tunisia. In sub-Saharan Africa, Senegal is the Tunisia’s top client and its 8th supplier. Between 2011 and 2016, the average annual growth of Tunisian exports to Senegal is estimated at 10% while the average annual growth of Tunisian imports from Senegal stands 26% during the same period.

Agro-food products (margarine, pasta, canned food, olive oil, etc) represent the largest share of Tunisian exports to Senegal, followed by chemical products (0.65%), machineries and pharmaceutical products (0.58%). Fish represent 93% of Tunisian imports from Senegal.

ICT, textile and clothing, mechanical equipment, pharmaceutical products, health and care services, water distribution networks management, higher education, building and public works, etc. are Senegal’s main buoyant sectors.

Senegal is a breeding ground for investors. The growth prospects of the Senegalese economy remain favourable thanks to the support provided to the economic activity through the improving of the business climate which helps encourage the private investment, CONECT said.

A continuation of major State projects, especially the support provided to strategic sectors (agriculture, agro-food, energy, mineral extraction, tourism) help guarantee a satisfactory pace to this economic activity, CONECT concluded.

Source: TAP News Agency

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