Municipal election 2018: Opportunity to focus on skills and not politics, according to Yassine Brahim | Tunisia News Gazette

Municipal election 2018: Opportunity to focus on skills and not politics, according to Yassine Brahim

The municipal elections are an opportunity to focus on skills and not politics, said president of Afek Tounes party, Yassine Brahim. He called on voters to flock to polling stations to choose candidates from among the personalities they deem to be trustworthy and respectful.

Meeting Wednesday members of the Afek Tounes list in Kallat Landlous (Ariana governorate), Yassine Brahim said the lack of enthusiasm shown by Tunisians for the elections is “extremely dangerous. He voiced confidence in the ability of the lists that come under the banner Afek Tounes to convince citizens through direct contact and field trip in different public places and residential areas.

For his part, Ramzi Boubaker Landolsi, head of the list Afek Tounes presented the electoral programme of the list which revolves around the following points: strengthening development and promotion of employment, development of the industrial zone, encouragement of young promoters to set up on its own account, improving public transport, basic infrastructure and health.

The objective of Afek Tounes list is also to establish the “21st century municipality” and the rehabilitation of the role of the citizen in the management of public life. According to the members of the list, this policy is part of a participatory approach through which the citizen participates in the implementation of local policies and closely monitors its implementation.

Source: TAP News Agency

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