Municipal elections 2018: Imed Khemiri announces Ennahdha's victory according to preliminary results | Tunisia News Gazette

Municipal elections 2018: Imed Khemiri announces Ennahdha’s victory according to preliminary results

According to the preliminary results of the municipal elections organised on May 6, the Ennahdha movement is in the lead, said spokesperson of the movement Imed Khemiri, pending the announcement of the official results by the electoral authority.

“It appears from the main indicators of the elections the victory of two major parties, namely Ennahdha and Nidaa Tounes, he added on Sunday evening at a press conference, noting that this testifies to the success of the Tunisian democratic experience.

According to Khemiri, the Ennahdha movement remains committed to the political roadmap set up since 2014, which he said is based on “partnership, consensus, and the impetus for reform.”

“The 30% turnout rate is considered important in traditional democracies,” he considered, adding however that the Ennahdha movement is pushing for a discussion of the causes behind youth abstention.

Ennahdha believes that the municipal ballot is an important event, he pointed out, highlighting the role of elected bodies in the management of municipalities during the next period.

Source: TAP News Agency

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