Municipal elections 2018: "ISIE assumes responsibility of control of dirty political money" (Echaab S-G) | Tunisia News Gazette

Municipal elections 2018: “ISIE assumes responsibility of control of dirty political money” (Echaab S-G)

Secretary-General of Echaab Movement Zouheir Maghzaoui has called on the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE)) to assume responsibility for the control of “electoral offences” including dirty political money, in addition to its leading technical role, while inviting it to give up its decision not to resort to indelible ink.

Chairing the launch of his party’s campaign for the 2018 municipal elections on Saturday night in Manouba, Maghzaoui voiced fears for the electoral process “in the face of a ruling coalition that has accumulated failures for r three years”

The leader of the Echaab movement focused on Tunisia’s municipal elections, saying they lay the groundwork for local power, being the first municipal polls held after the revolution.

“Its success and affluence are essential to ensure the regularity of the democratic process,” he pointed out.

Maghzaoui said that deliberate attempts are being made to prevent the adoption of the local government code before municipal elections are held.

Referring to the issue of security and stability of Tunisia, he said “the fight against terrorism continues because Tunisia remains exposed to the danger of terrorism and will not be completely safe if the (unstable) situation continues in Libya”.

“The Echaab movement has always warned against the fallout of terrorism and the demonisation of the Syrian army in its fight against terrorist organisations, which ensures the protection of Tunisia and several other neighbouring countries from the dangers threatening them,” he said.

Maghzaoui said “the attack on Syria and the launch of missiles on its territory represent a struggle for survival, not a battle for democracy and human rights as they are trying to suggest.

Regional coordinator of the movement in Manouba Abderrazak Aouidette, introduced the lists of the party, numbering 5, vying for seats in the municipalities of Wadi Ellil, Borj Al Ameri, Al Battane, Manouba and Tebourba with three women heading lists.

They presented the electoral programme of the movement and the action plan put in place to respond to the concerns of the residents, in the presence of MP Salem Labiadh, members of the candidate lists and party activists.

Source: TAP News Agency

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