Municipal elections cannot take place without guarantee of certain necessary conditions (Eight political parties) | Tunisia News Gazette

Municipal elections cannot take place without guarantee of certain necessary conditions (Eight political parties)

Eight political parties on Tuesday stressed, at a press conference held in Tunis, the impossibility of organising municipal elections on 17 December, as long as several administrative, logistical and legal requirements are not met.

These include Machrou Tounes, Afek Tounes, Al Joumhouri, Tunisia first, Al Badil Ettounsi (the Tunisian alternative), Al Massar, Alwatan Al Mwwahad, the Patriotic and Democratic Labour Party.

In a joint statement, the parties call on Parliament to hold an extraordinary parliamentary session to fill vacancies in the composition of the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) and to adopt the Local Government Code.

They call on the government to publish the implementing legislation and to set up regional judicial and financial bodies, to prepare the administration and to provide mechanisms for coordination between various parties involved in the electoral process.

The signatories also stress the importance of mobilising the necessary financial resources for the municipal elections in accordance with the new Local Government Code under the Budget Act for the financial year 2018 and to establish a timetable for each before the official call to the elections.

The parties call in their statement the President of the Republic to consider the absence of all these conditions necessary for the smooth running of the municipal elections before signing on September 9 the decree on voting.

They also underlined their willingness to negotiate with all the parties concerned to guarantee the success of the municipal elections, but they did not exclude their mobilisation for the postponement of this political deadline no later than March 2018.

The leaders of the parties stressed that this common position aims to put pressure on the government, the parliament and the President of the Republic so that all the right conditions are met given the importance of this electoral meeting. “We want to push for the completion of the electoral process,” said Watfa BelaA�d, chairman of the Central Committee of Machrou Tounes party.

According to her, the establishment of the regional bodies of the Administrative Tribunal, which are required to rule on electoral disputes, the adoption of the Local Government Code and the filling of vacancies within the ISIE, must be decided before the elections. Watfa BelaA�d nevertheless wished to make clear that there is no intention to boycott these elections.

For Mehdi Jomaa, President of the ALBadil Ettounsi party, “the idea is not to change the date of the elections but rather to emphasize their importance”. The press conference which gathered on Tuesday eight political parties is a “very strong” message to all political actors, he added before adding “the goal is to achieve success of the elections.”

For his part, Deputy Khemaies Ksila (Tunisia first) evoked the question of disaffection of young people. He recalled that only 7% of young people registered for municipal elections. However, “we are ready to participate in the elections today but not in these adverse conditions”.

Source: TAP NEWs Agency

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