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Municipal poll 2018: Offenses continue in several polling stations (ATIDE)

The Tunisian Association for the Integrity and Democracy of Elections (ATIDE) affirmed in a preliminary report on the 2018 Municipal polls, the existence of electoral silence offenses from certain lists besides the offenses recorded in a number of polling stations.

In a statement released, the association said that “the start of the voting operation in several polling stations, has recorded a delay between 10 and 50 minutes, including the centre Tarek Ibn Zied in Sousse and the Bab Chameli centre in Sousse.

According to Atide, the disruption of the vote operation at the Abderrahmane Mami Centre in La Marsa occured following the intervention of security forces to verify the name of the Prime Minister. ATIDE also recalls that the security forces opened the ballot boxes to pull out the lists of voters before the start of the polling operation.

The association revealed “that some polling stations were not yet ready at the time of the opening including the Abderrahmane Mami centre at Marsa, the center of Sidi Achour in Nabeul, the centre March 2 in Nabeul and the Tahrir centre in Msaken, in addition to the absence of voter lists in several offices, such as Riadh in Mourouj 3 in Ben Arous.

The observers were not allowed to fulfill their missions in the courtyard of the polling stations including that of Sourour 2 in Kasserine and the centre of the city Ettadhamen el Joufia in Monastir in addition to the removal of badges of ATIDE members on the pretext that ‘they (badges) date from 2017 such as the centre of Djerba Midoun.

The same source mentioned other offenses that relate to the continuation of the campaign and the electoral silence in several regions, including Fouchana 1 (Ben Arous), Metouia (Gabes), where the lists of Chiraa and the democratic current distributed flyers.

In the centre of Sahloul (Sousse), the lists of Nidaa and el Moubadara also distributed leaflets. Some other centres in the governorates of El Kef, Kairouan, Tunis, Kasserine and Nabeul also had offenses relating to the continued distribution of electoral Leaflets.

Source: TAP News Agency

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