Municipal polls 2018-Ariana: Ghannouchi believes elections "consolidate Revolution, help anchor democracy" | Tunisia News Gazette

Municipal polls 2018-Ariana: Ghannouchi believes elections “consolidate Revolution, help anchor democracy”

Ennahdha’s president Rached Ghannouchi said “the municipal elections are the prelude to local power, consolidate the Tunisian Revolution and constitute an important step in the building of democracy” , calling on citizens to flock to polling stations to elect their representatives in municipal councils “whether they come from political parties, independent lists or coalition”.

During a visit to the Ennasr district, governorate of Ariana, where he went to the tent of Ennahdha party which is conducting its election campaign, Ghannouchi stressed that “Tunisia, which lives in the rhythm of the municipal elections was able to lead its revolution against the ousted regime and everyone is called to preserve the flame of freedom to achieve stability through the cohesion and unity of the people.

The leader of the Ennahdha movement affirmed that “local power demands vigilance, competence and leadership”, recalling that municipal councils are “charged with serving citizens and are responsible for the future of the younger generation”.

For his part, Moncef Selliti, head of Ennahdha’s list in Ariana presented the electoral programme of his list.

Source: TAP News Agency

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