Municipal Polls 2018: "Early June, final deadline for proclamation of results after review of appeals" (Nabil Bafoun) | Tunisia News Gazette

Municipal Polls 2018: “Early June, final deadline for proclamation of results after review of appeals” (Nabil Bafoun)

The announcement of the results of the municipal elections 2018 is set no later than early next June after the examination of appeals filed with the administrative courts, Nabil Bafoun, member of the Independent Higher Authority for the Elections (ISIE) told TAP on Monday evening.

Appeal to the administrative courts is of 21 to 27 days, he said.

“Deadlines for appeal are the exclusive domain of the administrative courts, the announcement of the first results is set for at 9 May and the filing of appeals to the administrative courts will be over three days, from May 9 to 12,” said the ISIE official.

Bafoun noted that the judge has the latitude to review the entire electoral process, the submission of applications and registration

until the election campaign.

Regarding the partial results, he indicated that they vary from one municipality to another and the final ranking will be announced after the end of the collection operation in the counting centres according to the votes obtained. He pointed out, however, that the largest number of votes returned to the independent lists (860), followed by Ennahdha Movement and Nidaa Tounes Movement.

As for the possible sanctions against the lists having violated the regulations, Bafoun specified that the ISIE has the prerogatives stipulated by the legislator to invalidate the offending lists and to deprive them of seats “if the infringements are fundamental and decisive in the change in results “.

“Most of the offending lists are also subject to judicial sanctions with fines, if it turns out, for example, that they have benefited from foreign funding,” he added.

Source: TAP News Agency

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