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Municipal polls: ATIDE will make sound recording of electoral law and print Braille copies

Faced with the indifference of the Independent High Authority for Elections and parties running for the next municipal elections, the Tunisian Association for Integrity and Democracy of Elections (ATIDE) will make a sound recording of the election law and eligibility requirements and print Braille copies of that law and the applications guide for the 2018 municipal elections, President of the Association Leila Chraibi announced on Sunday.

“Although the electoral law envisages the participation of persons with disabilities in elections, the ISIE and the parties running for the elections have not provided this category the favorable conditions allowing them easy access to electoral information”, she regretted at an awareness conference on” municipal elections and the participation of people with disabilities in local governance.”

The conference was organized by ATIDE, in association with the National Authority for the Fight against Corruption (INLUCC).

Under the Organic Law No. 2017-7 of February 14, 2017, amending and supplementing Organic Law No. 2014-16 of May 26, 2014 on elections and referendums, “each candidate list must include, among the top ten, a female or male candidate with a physical disability and holder of a disability card,” she said.

Source: TAP News Agency

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