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Municipal Polls-HAICA-Report: audiovisual coverage “has been integrated and neutral”

(TAP) The media coverage of the municipal election campaign by the various audiovisual institutions was marked by integrity and neutrality, in accordance with the joint agreement concluded between the High Independent Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HAICA) and the Independent Higher Authority for Elections (ISIE), said the president of the Haica.

“The final report on the media coverage of the election campaign by the TV and radio channels, from April 14 to May 4, showed the respect by the various bodies that have agreed the hourly rates reserved for independent lists, partisans and coalition, “added Nouri Lejmi at a press conference held Friday in Tunis.

He indicated that the independent lists have benefited from the most important part of the coverage, “which accords with the rules in force” and the disproportion in the time allotted to the independent lists and the others has been respected by the radios. “With the exception of the national channel, the other channels have covered the independent lists at low rates compared to the other main party lists,” he said.

Lejmi said that Ennahdha party enjoyed the highest coverage rate than Nidaa Tounes party by the TV and radio chains (14.6% for Ennahdha by the TVs against 12.3% for Nidaa Tounes and 17.9% for Ennahdha by radios, against 15.6% for Nidaa).

Regarding the report of the time allotted to different political actors in television and radio, the national channel 1 has focused on the candidate politicians but has allocated a marginal time for the political actors in their institutional quality. The results showed that the television channel Ettassiaa is the only one to have reserved a significant time for the president of the republic and the deputy-speaker of the House of People’s Representatives.

The HAICA president also said that the report revealed that Tunisian radio channels have opted for the same approach by also focusing on political actors in their institutional capacity, including members of the government, like Jawhara Fm and Shems Fm.

For her part, Radhia Saidi, member of the Authority, said that the report showed that the appearance of female political candidates in the municipal elections and the non-candidates in audio-visual information institution object of the analysis, reflects the respect by these chains of the principle of gender equality. She described as “positive and better than usual” the results of coverage, “even if the presence of the woman remains far from the expectations in terms of parity”.

She indicated that the report specified that the attendance rate of the candidates was higher in radio than television while Attassiaa TV recorded a greater presence of candidates estimated at 27.9% against 18.2% for women. non-candidates.

According to Saidi, the report also listed violations of the rules in force, including political advertising, masked propaganda, dissemination of polling results, violation of electoral silence, biased comments by journalists or programme presenters, and amalgam between relationship of facts and comment.

Source: TAP News Agency

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