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Municipal polls: results of Democratic Current show voter confidence in party

Secretary-General of the Democratic Current Ghazi Chaouachi said his party’s results in the municipal elections reflect the voters’ confidence in the party.

Speaking to TAP, he added that the Democratic Current is gaining ground and could stand as an alternative in the next elections, if it continues along the same lines.

On another level, Chaouachi said that the Democratic Current, which took part in the municipal elections with 69 lists, choose coalitions that aim to serve local affairs.

He noted that municipal elections require joint action for the implementation of the various electoral programmes rather than coalitions.

He called on winning parties and lists to stay away from political infighting within municipal councils, to work to implement programmes and move ahead in the same direction.

Addressing the disaffection of voters, the leader in the Democratic Current pinpointed the economic, social and political climate in the country.

He said these first municipal elections after 2011 were supposed to drain a greater number of voters in view of their role in the installation of local power.

The state of despair and demoralisation experienced by Tunisian citizens has significantly fueled this disinterestedness, he explained.

He also considered that the low performance of the electoral commission, the failure of political parties to mobilise voters and the low involvement of the media also explain this low turnout.

Chaouachi further noted that the results of the municipal elections show that the major parties (Nidaa Tounes and Ennahdha) have lost a significant part of their electoral base.

If they are ahead of other parties and coalitions in terms of score, it is because they have run in all constituencies and have significant material and human resources, he said.

He regretted the use of state resources in some campaigns, referring to Nidaa Tounes.

During the municipal polls, the Democratic Current obtained 4.19 pc of the votes, coming 3rd among parties with 75,619 votes.

Source: TAP News Agency

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