Municipality of Sfax examines projects proposed by investors for recovery and treatment of waste

The mayor of the city of Sfax, Mounir Elloumi said Sunday that the municipality is currently examining projects proposed by investors and private companies for the recovery and treatment of waste.

These projects will soon be presented to experts and academics during an open day with the aim of retaining effective proposals for the resolution of problems related to the environment in the region.

In a statement to TAP on Sunday, Elloumi stressed the importance of this approach which aims to find a solution to the problems of household waste but also to solve the issues related to industrial, hospital, construction and slaughterhouse waste.

If this approach succeeds, the project that will be selected will have to be carried out jointly by the municipality of Sfax and the rest of the municipalities of the governorate to guarantee a sustainable solution to the problems of waste in the region, said Elloumi.

The municipality of Sfax could carry out the project of waste treatment and recovery unit according to the public-private partnership formula, said the mayor of Sfax, recalling that this option has already been adopted by the city council.

The municipality of Sfax is also preparing a proposal for the creation of a regional waste management agency that it should submit to the rest of the municipalities of the governorate. All the municipalities concerned should deal, within the framework of this agency, with the collection, transport and recovery of waste. The aim is to reduce the state’s burden in managing dumps or dumping grounds which are now a lasting problem in the country.

The mayor of Sfax has also criticized the “exclusion” of the municipality of Sfax from consultations on the waste crisis and the search for solutions for the development of a landfill, in the face of the refusal of the inhabitants of the locality of Limaya in Menzel Chaker of the proposal to install a landfill in the region.


Source: Tap News Agency