Mushikiwabo: “in a fractured world, the aim is to see to it that Francophonie remains a bridge”

Secretary-General of the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF) Louise Mushikiwabo outlined in her opening speech of the 18th Francophonie Summit in Djerba the challenges and objectives of the Francophonie.


There is need for the Francophone space to forge ahead with diversity and inclusiveness without questioning its specific nature and identity, she further said.


“The Francophonie originates from a bright and great idea – a tool of rapprochement among peoples. Habib Bourguiba, father of the Tunisian nation, is one of its luminaries to whom I want to pay tribute,” said Mushikiwabo.


“During its millennia-old history and still today, Djerba has been at the crossroads of increasingly diverse cultural influences. It is plural and diverse as is the Francophonie,” the SG added.


Louise Mushikiwabo said the 2023/2024 strategic framework revolves around three main objectives. “We are heading towards a new Francophone community where each country has its own place,” she said.


First, action for citizens in the Francophone area will centre around a number of flagship high-impact projects in relation mainly to the French language, education, sustainable development and economic and digital Francophonie.


“In a fractured world, the aim is to see to it that Francophonie remains a bridge, a privileged forum for exchange and dialogue which is on permanent alert to make sure tensions do not turn into conflict,”she highlighted.


An increased attractiveness of the Francophonie based on a dynamic Francophone space where several member states have a potential for continued growth is the third objective, said the SG. “It is our duty to wage the battle of youth employment in our space.”


It is highly important to think about a Francophonie in the service of diversity and the dialogue of cultures after the OIF has become much more political since 2000 with focus on the promotion of democracy and the rule of law in the service of peace as well as a platform for experimentation and a think tank to brainstorm ideas, Mushikiwabo underscored.


“There is a growing need to make the organisation’s action more efficient in a multipolar world in a bid to addreess global challenges. The OIF had to make strides ahead to provide more appropriate responses and increase its legitimacy on the international scene,” the official further said.


The Francophonie is moving towards a more solid future between its states and governments through the development of common positions in international meetings to serve revamped and inclusive globalisation and multilateralism and a fairer governance.


“We are heading towards an uncomplicated Francophonie, ” she concluded, and a French language standing along with other languages to establish a space that contributes to building and which is an engine for development and solidarity, aware as it is of cultural and linguistic diversity with more ambitions and especially means to meet them.


Source: Tap News Agency