Najla Brahem, Riadh Bouhouch and Anouar Ben Hassan leave ISIE following draw [Upd 1] | Tunisia News Gazette

Najla Brahem, Riadh Bouhouch and Anouar Ben Hassan leave ISIE following draw [Upd 1]

Najla Brahem, Riadh Bouhouchi and Anouar Ben Hassan have left the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE), following the draw held on Thursday for the renewal of one third of ISIE members.

The draw takes place in application of Articles 126 and 148 of the 2014 Constitution and Article 32 of the Organic Law establishing the ISIE which provides that “one third of the Board of the Authority is renewed every two years,

The draw was conducted on 6 ISIE members, including 3 from the old composition and 3 from the new one.

This is done in accordance with the Advisory Opinion of the Administrative Court.

The draw for the renewal of the third of the ISIE members concerned old ISIE members Riadh Bouhouchi, Anouar Ben Hassan and Nabil Baffoun and new members Najla Brahem, Farouk Bouaskar and Anis Jarboui.

President of ISIE, Mohamed Tlili Mansri said the draw has dismissed two old members of the ISIE, namely Anouar Ben Hassan and Riadh Bouhouchi and a new member, namely Najla Brahem.

The list of outgoing members will be sent to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), before starting the election of new members in the same specialties of outgoing members, said Mansri who was excluded from the draw, in accordance with to the provisions of the law.

“The file for the renewal of the second third of ISIE members is now closed,” he said.

“The Council of the Authority will meet tomorrow to discuss several issues; including the preparations for the municipal elections, the electoral process and the legislative by-election for Tunisian expats in Germany, he added.

In this regard, he pointed out that the Independent High Authority for Elections is ready to organise the municipal elections on March 25, 2018.

Assessor of the Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives in charge of Judicial Power and Constitutional Affairs, Habib Khedr (Ennahdha Movement), who was present at the draw, said it took place in a climate of transparency and respect for the law in the presence of two bailiffs.

The ISIE must formally inform Parliament of the results of the draw to allow it to take the necessary steps to fill the vacancies, following the departure of three members of the authority within the framework of the operation of the renewal of the third of its members.

Khedr said the parliament should look into this issue right after the discussion of the draft state budget for the year 2018.

Source: TAP News Agency

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