National Alliance decides to boycott upcoming legislative elections

The National Alliance party decided to boycott the December 17, 2022 legislative elections, in view of what it describes as “dysfunctions and gaps” in the electoral decree-law.


The party said in a statement issued on Monday, at the end of its political bureau meeting, that it was astonished at the President of the Republic’s endorsement of a “unilateral and unconstitutional” electoral law.


The Alliance regrets the disregard of the call made by political parties, organisations and experts in constitutional law for the revision of some points of this law.


The political party denounces, in its statement, the intentional exclusion of political parties, its organisations and governmental, diplomatic, judicial and technical expertise from parliamentary life.


The National Alliance considers that the new electoral law does not take into account the specificities of the constituencies, regretting the reduction of the chances of women and youth, by depriving them of public funding.


Referring to the general situation in the country, the party said it was concerned about the “bitter failure” in the management of public affairs, regretting the obstinacy in imposing the policy of fait accompli, the restriction of freedoms and the violation of the democratic process.


Source: Tap News Agency