National dialogue recommendations to be drawn up by parties concerned (Amine Mahfoudh)

Professor of constitutional law Amine Mahfoudh said there is no “draft prepared in advance” on the recommendations of the national dialogue, adding these recommendations will be developed by the parties involved in the dialogue and the President of the Republic.

“The positions of all parties taking part in the national dialogue will be taken into consideration,” he told TAP on Thursday.

Mahfoudh stressed that the recommendations will be determined by voters.

President Saied had announced the creation of a committee, involving two sub-committees to prepare best the establishment of a new Republic.

“The first sub-committee will address the national dialogue, including representatives of national organisations and political parties, while the second will be responsible for the elaboration of recommendations,” he said.

Regarding the deadlines for convening voters and publishing the referendum text in the Official Gazette of the Tunisian Republic (JORT), Mahfoudh noted that the electoral law in force “will not be applied.” He stressed the need to develop a new electoral law that regulates the referendum, scheduled for July 25, 2022.

President Kais Saied announced, on May 1, the creation of a committee in charge of the organisation of the national dialogue which excludes the political parties accused of being responsible for the political and economic crisis that shakes the country.”

As part of the national dialogue quartet, the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) reaffirmed, in a statement on May 6, its refusal of any “formal and conditioned dialogue that contributes to the marginalisation of political and social forces,” reiterating calls for a real, direct and broad dialogue without pre-prepared decisions.

Source: Tap News Agency