“National dialogue will not be held soon because of ongoing political tension” (Cheffi)

The national dialogue will not be held soon because of ongoing political tension,” Deputy Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) Samir Cheffi told TAP Thursday.
The UGTT will not modify the content of its dialogue initiative which provides a set of solutions to Tunisia’s crisis, Cheffi said on the sidelines of the UGTT steering committee meeting held Thursday in Hammamet.
«The national dialogue should serve the interests of citizens and resolve Tunisia’s problems, away from party negotiations,» he pointed out, adding that the UGTT values the homeland above all political parties.
Cheffi stressed that the national dialogue does not serve any political stakeholder, adding the UGTT is independent in her decisions and views, «which are not dictated by Bardo, Kasbah or Carthage.»
The UGTT will not stand still amid the ongoing crisis which could lead to the collapse of the State and its structures, the same source said.
On the other hand, the Deputy Secretary-General pointed out that the steering committee is surprised by the President of the Republic’s remarks about the 2013 national dialogue, claiming that «they undermine the Union as well as its officials and partners and do not help resolve the country’s crisis.»
“The steering committee will decide on the nature of protests and steps to be taken to express its refusal of commodity increases and decline in purchasing power of Tunisians», he said.

Source: TAP News Agency