National Federation of Tunisian Municipalities calls to maintain date for municipal elections

The National Federation of Tunisian Municipalities (French: FNCT) called to maintain the date for the municipal elections, scheduled for May 2023, as the term of municipal councils, elected in 2018, is coming to an end.

The Federation, in a note published Wednesday, stressed the need to uphold the principle of decentralisation, so as to preserve the unity of the state.

The FNCT fears “the rules governing the political landscape will be altered in a way that municipal councils will lose all significance.»

As such, the Federation believes that “once implemented, the new political system will weaken the elected councils at the local, regional and national levels, in favour of a centralised executive power, in particular the President of the Republic.”

Moreover, the FNCT stressed the need to hold municipal elections while preserving the significant representation of youth, women and people with disabilities in elected councils, as well as the fundamental principles provided for by the Code of Local Government.

Spokesperson for the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) Mohamed Tlili Mansri had indicated that the ISIE is ready to hold the municipal elections within the deadline.

Mansri assured that no change will be made on the electoral code, regarding this election and the distribution of municipal constituencies (350).

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse