National meeting on mobile journalism starts in Manouba

The Youth and Sports Complex in Manouba, on Sunday, hosted the first national meeting on mobile journalism organised by the local youth and sports commission for 36 young people from 12 governorates.


Local youth and sports delegate Mohsen Msadek told TAP the meeting, which will run until December 29, includes workshops and training sessions in mobile journalists. This method is used for community journalism and web radios in youth centres and institutions under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, he said.


He added that “the training session will allow young web radio hosts to acquire the skills of mobile journalism and citizen journalism, besides producing content in the context of community journalism according to quality standards and respect for the ethics of the profession.”*


Msadek noted that the training is part of the activities scheduled for youth during the school vacations.


He said the local youth and sports commission works to promote the services of youth centers through the launch of web radios which are currently 6, adding that a youth center will open soon after it was renovated with a budget of about 1 MD.


Source: Tap News Agency

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