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National organisations present proposals to amend draft organic law on creation of “Amen Social” programme

Representatives of national organisations, on Monday, presented at a parliamentary day in the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) proposals to amend the draft organic law on the creation of the “Amen Social” (social safety) programme for the promotion of poor and low-income groups.

Director of the Social Affairs Centre under the Tunisian confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) Sami Selani called, in this framework, for directing this project towards the creation of micro- projects to strengthen entrepreneurship among poor groups.

The official also insisted on the need to create entrepreneurship and market access financing mechanisms, while preserving social assistance for special needs groups, unable to work.

In this vein, Selani called for updating the registers of social assistance recipients dedicated to poor groups.

In his remarks, Vice President of the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries (UTAP) Noureddine Ben Ayed defended the right of small farmers and fishers to benefit of Amen Social, calling to provide this group the opportunity to develop state lands.

Ben Ayed called for providing necessary equipment for farmers, providing social coverage to them and creating agriculture tracks in far rural zones.

Tunisian Union of Social Solidarity (UTSS) ‘s representative Ali Hnid, stressed the need to include in the bill on the creation of the programme “Amen Social” the creation of structures falling under social security, guaranteeing the fundamental rights of the poorest groups.

The access of these groups to public services like health, education and social welfare imposes a financial education targeting active members in the above-mentioned sectors, he pointed out.

Vice President of the National Union of Tunisian Women (UNFT) Rim Abdelaoui expressed the willingness of the women’s organisation to put in practice the Amen Social programme, through using the training centres under UNFT which number 134.

President of the Health and Social Affairs Committee Souhail Alouini stressed the committee’s openness onto the various proposals, saying they will be probably discussed next March or May.

Minister of Social Affairs Mohamed Trabesi said this programme represents the first comprehensive and unified legal framework regulating the social intervention programmes provided by the state for poor groups.

He denied that the programme was the result of the recent protests. It is rather the fruit of a strategic vision developed by the ministry, he emphasised.

HPR Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur said the enforcement of social and economic rights for all citizens, particularly poor groups is a major challenge for the state.

Source: TAP News Agency

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