National Road N 17 reopened to traffic at Babouch level | Tunisia News Gazette

National Road N 17 reopened to traffic at Babouch level

The rescue teams succeeded in reopening the national road N 17 in the zone linking Babouch to Ain Drahem in the governorate of Jendouba, said the National Disaster Relief Commission, in a statement released on Monday.

The Commission emphasised that snow removal and track clearing operations are continuing to restore road traffic at the level of NR 17 which connects Ain Drahem to the sports complex and the road linking Ain Drahem and Amdoun (Governorate of Beja) in Fajj Errih.

All the intervening structures are mobilised to clear the cars blocked by the snow, indicates the statement, specifying that the rescue interventions are underway.

All necessary measures were also taken to provide medical care to citizens suffering from chronic diseases and renal insufficiency.

Source: TAP news Agency

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