National Salvation Front protests to demand release of detainees

The National Salvation Front, an opposition coalition to President Kais Saied, staged a protest demonstration in front of the capital’s Municipal Theatre on Friday afternoon in solidarity with those arrested on charges of “plotting against state security and suspected corruption”. These accusations and charges were rejected outright by the front, which considers these detainees to be “political prisoners and prisoners of opinion”. Many leaders of the National Salvation Front and its affiliated parties took part in the demonstration, including Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, president of the Front, Samira Chaouachi, vice-president of the parliament dissolved by President Saïed, and Riadh Chaïbi, leader of the Ennahdha party. Samira Chaouachi said that the “Salvation Front and all free voices are unanimous in believing that the case on the basis of which many personalities have been arrested is “fabricated”. She insisted it is also a highly political case, saying that the detainees, in this case, are “political detainees”. For his part, the leader of the Ennahdha movement, Riadh Chaibi stressed that the Salvation Front “is more than ever determined to continue working until democracy is fully restored without any conditions, blackmail or populism. He regretted that “the list of detainees continues to grow today to include representatives of all political and ideological families”, calling for “closing ranks and unifying the political scene in the face of the “coup”.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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