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National Salvation Front to stage weekly march downtown Tunis (Nejib Chebbi)

The National Salvation Front staged a march on Sunday downtown Tunis to demand the release of all arrestees in the so-called case of conspiracy against the State’s security, despite the ban by Tunis governor. The protesters deliberately broke through the security barriers set up at the level of the Paris avenue and continued their march towards the Habib Bourguiba Avenue, without any police intervention. Gathering in front of the Tunis Municipal Theatre, protesters called for the ‘release of all arrestees in the so-called case of conspiracy against state security’ and the ‘downfall of the regime.’ The National Salvation Front supporters will stage a weekly sit-in every Wednesday at noon in support to the arrestees till their release, National Salvation Front President Nejib Chebbi announced. ‘The National Salvation Front will also continue its meetings and will mobilise all political and civil forces in the regions so as to form a unified national front,’ he pointed out. Chebbi underlined that several national personalities, media figures and artists have decided to join the National Salvation Front, adding that their names will be revealed on Monday. The front is endeavouring to establish a dialogue with the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), the professional organisations and all political forces in a bid to form a unified national Front. “Activism actions will continue so as not to give up the gains of the Revolution and freedom of expression, despite attempts to ban protests,” he indicated. For his part, Ennahdha movement leader Imed Khemiri told TAP that ‘the right to protest is guaranteed by the Constitution,’ underlining that ‘State structures cannot be used to oppress the rights.’ He said in this regard, that this movement’s supporters are committed to the right to peaceful activism to preserve the Revolution’s gains, freedoms and rule of law. The Al Joumhouri party supporters also partook in this march, while an authorised sit-in was scheduled in front of the party’s seat downtown Tunis to demand the release of the detainess, including notably Al Joumhouri Secretary General Issam Chebbi.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse