National Unified Party-Marchrou Tounes: Jegham and Marzouk sign merger document of two parties | Tunisia News Gazette

National Unified Party-Marchrou Tounes: Jegham and Marzouk sign merger document of two parties

The merger document of the Unified National Party (PNU) within Machrou Tounes Movement (MMT) was signed Saturday night in Sousse by PNU founder Mohamed Jegham and MMT General Secretary Mohsen Marzouk, in the presence of leaders and supporters of two political formations.

“The merger of the PNU into the MMT is the result of consultations with parties of the center and we will continue these consultations with the parties Afek Tounes, Al Badil and Bani Watani to find bases for a permanent front of action” Moshen Marzouk told the press after signing the merger document.

He considered that Machrou Tounes Movement “is present with force within the progressive parliamentary front for the formation of a large national pole bringing together the various forces of the centre capable of competing effectively at the political level and presenting an alternative to political, economic and social problems”.

For his part, Mohamed Jegham, stressed that “the political map in the country requires a unification of the efforts of the parties of the centre to form a unified party”, saying that the merger of the Unified National Party with Machrou Tounes “is an altruistic act and a milestone in the process of establishing a moderate and modernist political force advocating the civil state whose foundation was founded by leader Habib Bourguiba “.

“This merger within Machrou Tounes will pave the way for activists from both sides to continue their militant action to end the country’s deterioration over the past seven years at all levels,” he said.

Source: TAP News Agency

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